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6 Reasons You're Overpaying for Designer Perfume


Paying for the Brand Name

Designer perfumes cost a lot because of the brand name. Luxury brands spend a lot on marketing, celebrity endorsements, and over-complicated packaging. This cost is added to the price, so you're paying more for the brand than the actual perfume.


Look for brands that focus on the quality of the perfume rather than the name. Some companies use the same ingredients as luxury brands but sell them for much less.

High Retail Costs

Traditional stores have many expenses like rent, staff, and utilities. These costs are included in the price of designer perfumes, making them more expensive.


Buy fragrances online to save money. Online fragrance companies often have lower costs and pass the savings on to you.

Expensive Packaging

Designer perfumes often come in fancy bottles and boxes to look luxurious. While these look nice, they add a lot to the price of the perfume.


Choose brands that spend more on the perfume itself than on the packaging. You can find great scents in simple yet elegant packaging.

Advertising Costs

Luxury brands spend millions on ads in magazines and on TV. These advertising costs are included in the price of the perfume, making it more expensive.


Find brands that rely on word-of-mouth and customer reviews instead of expensive ads. These brands often offer better prices because they focus on the product.

Constant Reformulations

Designer perfumes often change their formulas to keep up with trends or meet new regulations. These changes can be costly, and the expenses are passed on to you. Sometimes, the new formula isn't as good as the original.


Look for brands that keep their formulas consistent. These brands often have loyal customers who love their reliable, high-quality scents.

Limited Availability

Many designer brands make their perfumes seem rare and exclusive by limiting where they are sold or making limited-edition releases. This makes them artificially more expensive.


Find high-quality alternatives that offer similar scents without the exclusivity. Some brands make a wide range of affordable perfumes inspired by designer scents.

A Smarter Choice for Fragrance Lovers

If you're tired of paying too much for designer perfumes, there's a better option. DIALECT offers high-quality perfumes inspired by well-known luxury scents. Our fragrances use the same high-quality ingredients, ensuring long-lasting scents without the high price.

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Free 30 days returns policy

Try our perfumes risk-free with a 30-day return policy.

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Long-lasting scents

Enjoy scents that last all day.

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High-quality ingredients

We use the same ingredients found in designer perfumes.

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Affordable prices

Experience luxury scents without the high price.

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Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Carbon Neutral

Feel good about your purchase knowing our products are ethical and sustainable.

Dialect vs Others brands

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Each fragrance goes through extensive testing. We have specialised frameworks in place and use industry experts to ensure their longevity. We also have a perfumer that extensively vets our products.

Dialect Fragrances offer free returns! You can return or exchange any fragrance that you don’t like within 30 days of receiving your order. To know more about the process, check out our Refund Policy dedicated page.

Our orders are typically dispatched within 1 business and take 1 to 2 days to arrive with Royal Mail.

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