About us

Our Mission

Dialect was founded on the strong belief that quality perfume should be accessible to anyone, anywhere.

We want to empower consumers to choose and make their own rules when it comes to buying and wearing fragrances and making luxurious scents a part of everybody's journey and experience.

We say no to industry markups and additional costs, yes to affordability and the highest standard of fragrance craftsmanship.

About DIALECT Fragrances - Perfume Dupe Experts

Focused on quality

We produce all our scents in France, and even though we strive to keep the price affordable, we use the same rigorous development and production frameworks as luxury brands. We work with experts and professionals to bring you the best fragrances. We constantly improve and invest in our processes and ingredients because we genuinely want you to have the best of the best.

We’re not here just to sell fragrances, but to make a meaningful impact in our customer’s lives


Carbon neutral certified

We take our carbon footprint seriously, that's why we are dedicated to lowering it as much as possible. We offset the carbon emission of our brand and products and are certified by Climate Partner.

Discovery without limits

Experiment and discover new scents that focus on the only thing that matters: a damn good fragrance that helps you be your most authentic self.

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