The key benefits to choosing perfume and aftershaves dupes

The key benefits to choosing perfume and aftershaves dupes

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What is a perfume dupe? 

Essentially, a ‘dupe’ or duplicate product is one with the characteristics and qualities of a designer brand. But it makes no claim to have any links with the high-end name. Handbags and clothes as well as fragrances can be dupe products. (And, by the way, they’re all perfectly legal.) They have grown more popular as buying scent online has become more common. 

They are not to be confused with fake or counterfeit goods, which are deliberately designed to be identical to the original, and are not legal. 

Dupes share many characteristics with top-end fragrances or aftershaves, and take their inspiration from them. However, they’re not a 100% match, although it can often be extremely hard to distinguish them from the original. But you may notice some minor variations in the top, middle or base notes, especially given that the exact formulae for designer scents are tightly kept secrets. 

Duplicates extend to scents for men and women, and also encompass products such as aftershaves. 

Why buy fragrance dupe? 


Statista reports that the UK has seen a surge in demand for the most prestigious scents, with many consumers eager to enjoy the sense of luxury these goods convey. But the most expensive brands come with a price tag to match. Dupes mean you can have the perfumes you want with far less pressure on your budget, giving you the best of all possible worlds. 

A wide variety of available choice 

These days, you’ll find a huge range of duplicate scents on the market. That means you can build yourself a wide set of fragrances to suit diverse moods and occasions so that you can express yourself through scent without worrying about financial or any other limitations. 

Zero compromise on quality 

Contrary to what you may have heard, you can look forward to a decent level of quality, rivalling that of the leading names. Many dupe producers invest a lot of R&D into their fragrances, so that what you get is an accurate duplication. Companies which specialise in duplicates often invest years in tweaking their goods to achieve as close as match a possible, with corresponding longevity. What’s more, the latest developments in the relevant technology mean that these makes are just as long-lasting as the names they emulate. (As long, of course, as you apply the products properly.) 

Perfect presents 

The high prices of the most expensive brands can make them a challenge to buy as a gift. But when you give a dupe scent as a present, you’re effectively giving the same, leading product for a fraction of the price. You can share the pleasure of the fragrance with someone special, without breaking the bank. 

Guilt-free stocking up 

With dupes, there’s no need to wait for a special occasion before you splash out on a fresh bottle of scent. Because these products are budget-friendly, you can afford to stock up on your favourites without worrying about going overdrawn. Plus you don’t have to eek out each drop to make every bottle last as long as possible. Spritz away with no guilt, knowing you can easily replace the product as and when you need to. 

Find new fragrances

Because you can afford a more diverse range of perfumes if you stick to dupes, you can more easily find your new signature scent, and change it more often. Dupes provide a way of discovering new fragrances you may not otherwise have come across. The affordable price means it’s far less of a risk if a product turns out to be not quite what you were after.  

Ideal for daily wear

Duplicated scents are often designed to be more subtle and wearable than the originals. So they’re perfect for daily use, whether you’re in the office or just popping out for a low-key drink. So you can smell amazing whatever the occasion. 

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