How to pick the best perfume dupes – for him or her

How to pick the best perfume dupes – for him or her

‘Dupe’ is short for duplicate, and essentially refers to a vastly more affordable copy of a luxury scent. It means you can enjoy a similar experience to the one you’d have with a big-name brand, for a fraction of the price. 

There’s often little to distinguish a dupe from the original in terms of quality, there’s a huge range of these products on offer plus there are some great savings to be made. So it’s a low-risk way of finding your signature scent. 

Equally, these products are growing in popularity, meaning it’s become a big market. And while it’s great that consumers have such a huge choice of perfumes from which to take their pick, it’s made arriving at a final decision a little more challenging. After all, the line-up encompasses items for both men and women as well as, for example, items such as aftershaves. 

Here are some tips to help you make your choice, whether you’re buying a fragrance dupe for him, her or yourself: 

  • Reviews: It’s always worth looking for reviews and recommendations from others who love their fragrances as much as you do, as you hunt down the best dupe brands and products. 
  • Keep it simple: You may well be better off considering a dupe that’s fresh, floral and uplifting. While this doesn’t always apply, some of the richer, more complex scents can be harder to replicate in duplicate form. 
  • Choose seasonally: You’ll be particularly glad of a lighter product during the summer months, so be guided by time of year, just as you would be for your wardrobe. Winter is all about hints of vanilla, spice or leather; in spring, go for green or floral notes, in autumn consider earthier aromas. 
  • Go for a particular feeling: Think about the emotion you’re keenest to evoke, or the feelings you want to recreate for the recipient if the perfume is a gift. Are you after something that’s energising for a day ahead at work, or a product to soothe after a long day? One of the great advantage of dupes is that their purse-friendly price tags make it easier to have a number of different items on your dressing table, allowing you to suit your scent to your mood, so you can have something for every moment. 
  • Tried and trusted: Your duplicate scent may not be from a huge name like Dior, but it should still come from a respected retailer. Check websites carefully before you commit, and look for try-before-you-buy opportunities. Remember, dupes are not counterfeits – so checking any simple information or requesting samples will be much easier than with fakes. You also need to have trust in a fragrance which doesn’t evaporate immediately, and which is not made with cheap ingredients which irritate your skin. 
  • Go for quality: The makers of some products have been known to try to cut corners with things like shoddy packaging, fragile spray pumps or rough or cloudy glass or poor-quality labels. All these things really matter to the overall experience with your purchase, and could indicate that the scent itself is below-par, so look for a nice quality of finish to the product.
  • Ethical considerations: Is your brand of choice cruelty-free, or vegan if that is important to you? What is its approach to sustainability and the environment? 

How to choose a fragrance dupe as a gift 

Buying a duplicate scent for someone else allows you to give the gift of luxury without breaking the bank. Whether you’re buying scent for a partner, friend, colleague or relative, or for Christmas, a birthday, anniversary or just because, if you’re unsure of how to go about it, here are some pointers: 

  1. Discovering which scents your intended recipient may have worn previously – be a bit sneaky in finding out if you have to! 
  2. Take into account how strong they like their fragrance to be. If they favour a heady scent, an eau de parfum could be ideal – otherwise, if they prefer something a notch subtler, go for an eau de toilette or eau de cologne. 
  3. Think about their personality. Consider their favourite style icons or celebrities, too. A floral product could suit a romantic person, someone vivacious might like bright citrus notes – there’s a product for every personality type. 
  4. Avoid potential allergies. This is where brand and ingredient quality come in. Better products will list ingredients so you can avoid buying something that you know will irritate your recipient’s skin. 

Scents from DIALECT Fragrances

At DIALECT Fragrances, we offer long-lasting scents using high-quality ingredients which smell just like your favourite scent – without the hefty price tag. Our products are also vegan, cruelty-free and produced in a carbon-neutral way. And with a 30-day free returns policy and numerous special deals, such as buy two and get one free, you can’t lose. 

Many of our duplicate scents for men and women would make a perfect present. 

Jasmine Waterfall, for example, inspired by Dior’s J’adore, saves you more than 80% on the recommended retail price of the original. Top notes include bergamot, middle notes freesia and other floral aromas, while the base notes are of cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla and white musk. 

We have many other fragrances for women here. 

When it comes to perfume for men, you can browse products such as Aromatic Sagewood, based on Jo Malone’s Wood Sage and Sea Salt, but some £40 cheaper than the original. It represents the salty spray of a mineral autumn. Top notes include lemon and sage, middle notes sandalwood, cedar and amber, with base notes of jasmine and musk. 

Browse our fragrances as you look for the ideal gift. And be in touch if you need any help identifying the perfect perfume. 

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